Cyber Security

Mobile Application Testing

In this current digital world, mobile applications are becoming more dominant than ever. Today more mobile phones/tablets access to web applications than PCs. Increase in mobile applications means, application vulnerabilities and thus security incidents.

“In the very near future, cyber security exercises are going to be absolutely expected of all companies by regulators.”

This new emergence has created new attack vectors which were not relevant to web application security.Mobile Application vulnerabilities often lead to customer privacy violations and/or data loss. Considering this, it is important to perform a holistic security review as part of your mobile application deployment strategy.

Service Highlights


Our Mobile Application Security methodology is based on the OWASP Mobile Security project and performs tests both client application as well as the server side. We have dedicated teams for testing Android and IOS mobile applications.


Followed by the testing we will give you the current security posture of your mobile application with the risk ratings and step by step procedures of how this attack can happen with screenshots and detailed step by step procedure for remediating the issues found during the testing.

Clean up and final reporting

Our last stage comprise of clean up and final reporting with quality patching description and support.

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