Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud are the latest technological innovations that have revolutionised the IT space, adding new dimensions to business models, multiplying product valuation and maximizing reach. This new enterprise IT model is not just about the parts, but the sum of the whole.

The future of business innovation is SMAC, where Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are integrated on a single platform or stack, enabling each function to maximize the effect of the other. Working with other industries, this enterprise business model keeps an organization connected, enhances collaboration, delivers real-time products and increases productivity.

SMAC is AGTS's cross-industry service line, where we consolidated our experience and expertise of Internet, Social Media IT, Enterprise Mobility, cloud computing, big data and analytics. AGTS offer a single SMAC platform to delivery multiple enterprise solutions to enable their customer to be ready for future digital world.


Digital IT Services for Brand Creation in social Media space
SEO and SMO optimisation


Mobile consulting
Enterprise Mobility Platforms
Mobile Architecture & Solution Design
Mobile Apps Development
Mobile Testing
Mobile Deployment


Cloud migration services
Cloud application development
Cloud application integration services
Cloud based enterprise application development
Cloud adoption strategy development and consulting
Self-service portal design and development

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