Cyber Security

Web Application Testing

Your website security is very crucial for your business, as a public facing asset, websites are always easy target for hackers. Once compromised criminals can get away with lot of information including your customer data. Your customers believe in your business, give them one more reason to trust you by making their data secure. Keeping an eye on your security vulnerabilities and getting it patched can help you continue your business with ease. AGTS helps your secure your business presence online by conducting website security testing to find potential vulnerabilities and fixing them. Let us take care of your security while you focus on your business

After a successful compromise, hackers look for confidential information like crednetials and customer data.

AGTS’s web application testing service enables our clients to identify these vulnerabilities and mitigate against resulting business losses including loss of data, public image and loss of confidence

Service Highlights

Sensitive data testing

We check for sensitive data accesibility and secure its path so that attackers dont get hold of it.

0% False positive

Our Experts have a secret recipe validating vulnerabilities on your website, leaving no false positives. We make sure your website is secure always

Clean up and final reporting

Our last stage comprise of clean up and final reporting with quality patching description and support.

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