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Wireless internet access is no longer an added perk in the office and places of business; It is a requirement that every company is expected to meet. However, air wave interference, endpoint location and more can reduce the quality of your wireless network. That’s where Mindsight comes in. We can conduct an assessment of your current network infrastructure, implement new infrastructure, or help you determine which wireless network solutions best suit your needs.

With AGTS wireless network solutions, you can experience the same high-quality, interference-free internet access you receive from a wired connection.

Go ahead; allow employees to stream video, bring their own devices, use Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, and work outside the cubical/office walls—all without sacrificing network performance and security.

Service Highlights


Being able to sit at any terminal, anywhere in the building and access the server is a great advantage.


It’s fast, and it’s relatively convenient. It also means that offices can be relocated within the building with consummate ease, furniture can be readily moved around, and, of course, employees can sit wherever they need to.


Allowing employees to collaborate where and when they need to. It brings freedom of operation and speeds up the working process. It brings freedom of operation and speeds up the working process.

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